Planning a Renovation: Tips from Kitchen Remodelers

If a kitchen renovation is not done with finesse and perfection, things can go wrong. Many people toss out the old materials and appliances and make room for new ones, which means obtaining advice from kitchen remodelers is essential.

Should you bet on an open kitchen?

There are plenty of benefits associated with an open kitchen because this type of remodeling project is not only about space. It is also about improving the quality of life of the people who live in the house. Most people decide to turn their kitchens into spaces of coexistence. This can be translated into totally open spaces or intermediate solutions, such as large sliding doors that separate areas according to the moment.

What does it mean to open the kitchen up to the living room?

An open kitchen has many advantages, but the planning process has to be very clear for it to work well. Kitchen renovations and any associated planning can be extensive, but there is a place for everything. The biggest objection of an open floor plan is that the smells of food cooking can seep into other parts of the house. To fix this, experts suggest installing a cooking hood.

Kitchen office: yes or no?

No matter how small the kitchen, there is always a place to have coffee, a quick meal, or to chat for a while. The decision to integrate an office into the kitchen does not depend on the space needed but on the customization of the entire kitchen. Conventional table and chairs may only hinder the area, especially if the people in the home don’t eat in the kitchen. A kitchen island or bar can become a very versatile element that is ideal for snacks, breakfast, or a workspace.

Are cooking islands affordable?

Before deciding to install a kitchen island, know that there needs to be a minimum amount of walking space around the island. This number is usually around 32 inches on all sides. Once this requirement has been met, some islands adapt to all types of spaces that will help people turn their kitchens into better, more useful spaces.